In the final season of inline hockey at
Cedar Rock Sports Plex, the
Phantoms were able to knock off the
Coyote Uglies 5-1 in the championship
game to capture the Summer 2011
Bronze Championship.
#4 Tim Vanoverloop
#9 Nate Tyler
#10 Chad Manning
#11 Brian Doctor
#13 John Dykehouse
#14 Tim Czycyk
#15 Ryan Mylenek
#18 Eric Stubig
#28 Jason Schemmel
#35 Kevin Wootton
#47 Chris Benedict
#87 Gordie Anderson
#88 Trent Kik
Phantoms Crowned Summer 2011 Bronze Champions!
The West Michigan Phantoms closed out their inline career at the Cedar Rock Sports Plex the best way that they could have
imagined on Sunday Night.  Staged by a three goal performance from Chris Benedict and a great showing by Kevin Wootton in goal,
the Phantoms were able to defeat the Coyote Uglies 5-1 in the Bronze League championship game to capture the teams fourth
championship at Cedar Rock and sixth overall.   The under-dogs were able to strike with an opening period goal by Tim Czycyk,
followed by four unanswered goals in the final frame to take claim to the league championship.  Despite skating with only eight
skaters, the Phantoms would display a calm and collected nature during the entire contest to stun the highly skilled Coyotes and end
their single season title as league champions.  The Phantoms would climb into an early 1-0 lead just 1:44 into the championship tilt,
as Tim Czycyk would register his third of the season for the Phantom Clan (unassisted).  That early goal would be the single
lamp-light of the opening period, as the Phantoms would enter the first intermission in front of a 1-0 lead.  The Coyotes would
outshoot the Phantoms 9-8 through the opening period.  In the second period, the Phantoms would face the first of three Coyote
power-plays of the evening, as the Coyotes would go on the extra-man-band while the Phantoms would be sentenced on a roughing
infraction. The gallant effort of the Phantom penalty killing unit would be successful, as the Phantoms would return to full strength.  
Minutes following the Phantoms return to full strength, a defensive mistake by the Phantoms in front of their own bench would yield a
2-on-0 breakaway  for the Coyotes and former Phantom Ice member Mitch Hoolsema would beat the Phantom netminder five-hole to
deadlock the contest at 1-1.  Despite another Phantom penalty late in the middle stanza for hooking, the Men of Phantom Nation
would again pass with black and yellow colors on the penalty kill to return to full-strength without setback.  Both teams would
complete the second period tied 1-1.  In the second period, the Coyotes would again outshoot their opponents 8-7 to increase their
shot advantage over the nine-year proud West Michigan Phantoms 17-15.  The first and second periods were a great display of the
two top Bronze defensive teams of this 2011 season.  In the third period, the Phantoms would take their second-ranked leading
bronze offense and begin to turn up the heat on the Coyotes and put the game away, all within keeping the teams defense
absolutely stunning.  Just 54 seconds into the third period, Chris Benedict would stage his very lucky thirteenth goal of the season
(assisted by Jason Schemmel) to restore the Phantom lead at 2-1.  Exactly 1:10 later, the Phantoms would climb into their first
multi-goal lead of the contest, as Jason Schemmel would net his fourth of the season and end a three game scoreless skid on a
mass scramble in front of the Coyote cage (assisted by Gordie Anderson) to mount the Phantoms into a 3-1 lead.  The Phantoms
third period championship game fury would continue 2:10 later, as Chris Benedict would strike with his second of the contest and
14th of the season (unassisted) with 10:46 remaining in regulation to increase the Phantom lead to a trifecta at 4-1.  As Coyote
frustration mounted, the pressure would reach the breaking point as the Coyotes Matt Myers and the Phantoms Ryan Mylenek would
drop the gloves just in front of the cage with roughly 7:00 minutes remaining in the game.  Both Myers and Mylenek (top players for
each club) would be banished from the contest for the duration, and for Mylenek, would etch his name into the all-time Phantom
Tough-Guy-Tribute in the final game of the Summer 2011 season with a game suspension (along with Myers).  Rhino would complete
the season with just four minors and a major on the season.  Late in the third period, the Phantoms Jason Schemmel would be
sentenced on a delay of game penalty, as the longtime Phantom would inadvertently shoot the puck out of the rink along the
Phantom bench.  That delay of game call would yield to the third powerplay opportunity of the contest for the Coyotes.  Even with
Greg Foster pulled for the extra-extra-attacker, the Coyotes could not break through the Phantom shied on their 5-on-3
extra-man-band.   With 1:46 remaining, the Phantoms Chris Benedict would put the game away as the former Mona Shores standout
and Division 3 Old Dominion Head Coach would launch the puck from the Phantoms goal-line and airlift the puck just inside the top
cross-bar to seal the victory for the Phantoms by the final of 5-1.  For Benedict, it would be his fourth hat-trick of the season.  The
Phantoms played without the services of Brian Doctor, Eric Stubig, John Dykehouse and Chad Manning.  Tim Vanoverloop and Tim
Czycyk were again called into action for the Phantoms, who played a lot of games this season as subs due to the vast array of
injuries faced by Phantom players this season.  In the third period, the Coyotes again outshot the Phantoms 8-7 and managed to cap
a 25-22 advantage on the game.  The Phantoms would be sentenced on three minors and a major on the game, while the Coyotes
would be banished on a single major.  Of their three powerplays on the night, the Coyotes would go 0-for-3.   As mentioned, the
victory clinched the Summer 2011 Bronze league championship for the Phantoms and evened the season series at 2-2 for the
Phantoms against the Coyotes.  The Phantoms completed the Summer 2011 season with an 8-3-0 overall record.  The team will
return to action on Sunday, October 16th at Walker Ice & Fitness as the team departs Cedar Rock as a result of the rink closing
down inline hockey to switch over to ice.  We would like to thank everyone who made this 31st season so successful.  To the wives,
girlfriends and kids of the Phantoms, thanks for supporting and allowing the guys to keep the rich tradition and now nine-year-history
of the Phantoms ongoing.  
The Phantoms entered the Cedar Springs scene in the Fall of 2006 and were able to use a Nate Tyler
game-winning strike in the championship game against Rouge River on February 11, 2007 to stake the
Phantoms Silver-Division Championship in the teams first season north of Grand Rapids. Years later, Chris
Benedict would stage a third period goal just 54 seconds into the third period that would ultimately hold to be
the game-winner for the Phantoms against the Coyote Uglies for yet another championship and the final bronze
championship by any team at Cedar Rock prior to their conversion to Ice hockey. The Phantoms would enter
Cedar Rock as Champions and Depart as Champions. A total of 249 Phantom games would be played at Cedar
Rock from the fall of 2006 to the summer of 2011 and during that span; a total of four championships would be
lifted by the Black & Yellow. As mentioned, this Summer 2011 season was filled with numerous storylines. First,
the championship comes just five days after the Phantom franchise turned nine years old. In addition, the
championship comes in the season that allowed the Phantoms to topple the 500-career-game-plateau and in
the season that allowed the team to register its 300th victory. On the individual side, several players reached milestones during the
award-winning season. No player in Phantom history has been able to climb the ladder in terms of statistics quicker than Chris
Benedict. During this 31st season of Phantom Hockey, Benedict was able to record his 100th career Phantom goal on July 10th and
surpassed 50 career assists on August 14th. Gordie Anderson was able to topple the 100-career-assist mark on September 11th,
while Jason Schemmel was able to surpass the 50-career-assist mark on June 26th. Additionally, Chad Manning netted his 50th
Career Phantom goal as the first of a hat-trick he scored on June 26th. The season also saw two Phantom families expand, as Brynn
Marie Anderson (Gordie & Stephanie) was born on July 28th and Braelynn Marie Benedict (Chris & Abi) on April 30th. Furthermore,
former Phantom and team sub Casey Rosenberg was married on September 10th to Tonya Fenton and Brian Doctor became
engaged to Stephanie Johnson during the summer. Hard to believe all of the children, weddings, engagements, career stats and
franchise milestones that have been made by members of the Phantoms this season and those made since the team began in 2002
when the and their families since the guys began playing in 2002 with baby-faces still in place.

During the Summer 2011 season, Chad Manning would lead the team in scoring with 16 goals, while Chris Benedict was in a close
second with 15 on the season. Benedict would lead the team in points with a total of 27 (15G and 12A) and would also lead the team in
penalty minutes with 14. Newcomer Ryan Mylenek would capture the second highest penalty minute total on the team with 13 minutes.
Several players would complete the season without a single penalty, including Brian Doctor, John Dykehouse, Trent Kik, Tim Czycyk
and Tim Vanoverloop. Newcomer Ryan Mylenek would complete his first Phantom season with 6 goals, 4 assists and 13 penalty
minutes, while Eric Stubig would net 4 goals, 5 assists and 8 penalty minutes. Two suspensions would be handed out during the
season for the Phantoms, including a one game for Gordie Anderson and one game for Ryan Mylenek. The Phantoms would out shoot
their opponents 266 to 228 on the season. Continuing with the offensive power, the Phantoms would also out score their opponents
73-48. The Phantoms would play numerous games with Tim Czycyk, Tim Vanoverloop and Brad Zehr acting as subs, as numerous
players would be inflicted with injuries including Brian Doctor, John Dykehouse and Gordie Anderson. Historically, the Phantoms will
climb to 317-171-8-3 through their now 31 season run and were able to post positive gains into the goal differential category which
rose to a positive 609 though the teams now 509 games played.
Beginning with the team's first championship back in 2003, the team believes strongly that rewarding players
with the championship trophy is a way to recognize a players devotion to the team and a way to say thanks for
their longtime commitment to Phantom Hockey.  This year, it was without question that Gordie Anderson was
named as the possessor of the Summer 2011 Phantom championship trophy.  Gordie joined the Phantoms in
the Spring of 2003 and has played a huge role in the Phantom's success during his 8 years as a Phantom.  
Gordie's wait to receive his first Phantom hardware has been three years in the waiting, as the team hands its
championship trophy from each future season to the longest serving Phantom without having already
received a trophy.  For Gordie, this process has taken since 2008 to be completed, as Brad Zehr skated
away with the 2008 championship trophy by winning a coin toss that took place days prior to the 2008
championship win at a Muskegon Summer Celebration Concert. .  Gordie has been there from the team's Rivertown Sports days to
the team's Cedar Rock Sports days and was able to see action on both of the red and blue lines.  Gordie's devotion and commitment
to the Phantoms has paved the way for the team to complete over 9 straight years of Phantom action and surpass 500 games
played.  For Anderson, this marks his 4th Phantom championship (Summer 2003: Copper, Winter 2006: Silver, Spring 2008; Silver
and Summer 2011: Bronze).  Thanks Gordie for your commitment to Phantom Hockey.  Hopefully the trophy stands as a valued token
of the team's appreciation for your service over the past 8 years.
Trophy Note: This season marks the first season in which the Phantoms have won a league championship and the rink does not
hand out a trophy.  A few seasons ago, Lazerskate switched the practice of giving out a single team trophy to giving out t-shirts for
every winning player.  Everyone's views at the rink differ on this topic, but as a Phantom team we will continue our team's tradition
on handing out a trophy to the next Phantom player in line who has been apart of Phantom hockey the longest. The trophy that we
are handing out is a replica of the trophy Lazerskate gave us following the Winter 2006 season.  (We always match the trophy to
the one the rink hands out).