Yet another new feature to the on-line home of West Michigan Phantom.  This brand new '4th Period Program' feature is a
spin-off of the post-game radio programs that are heard after professional sporting events.  Of course, this post-game
show is based on the most recent Phantom game.  This sound files are in MP3 format and do take some time to load.  
Often, the entire file needs to load before a smooth running broadcast can occur.  These files are stored on the Phantom
Web Server and can be heard with a click on the links before.  Again, give the file sometime to load.  Happy Listening!
November 4th: Phantoms vs. GVSU B-Team
-Special Guest: Gordie Anderson
November 11th: Phantoms vs. Ghostbusters
-Special Guest: Mike Shaver
June 15th, 2008: Phantoms vs. Missiles
-Special Guest: Brad Zehr