Since 2002 the West Michigan Phantoms have been apart of hockey in West Michigan. Over the now 550+ games
played with the yellow sweaters, several players have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the
Phantom legacy continues to grow. With the start of the team’s unprecedented 30th season, the Phantoms began  
honoring select members for their hard work both on and off the rink. Spanning the length of more than ten years,
several members in the team’s history have made contributions to keep the rich tradition of Phantom Hockey alive.
Recreational hockey is more than just scoring goals and capturing victories, it is about having fun, teaching others how
to excel, become better players and being able to play with great friends. It is with great pride that the West Michigan
Phantoms have announced an honoree group of ‘Ambassadors to Phantom Hockey’.

Our ‘Ambassador to Phantom Hockey’ concept is sort of a Hall of Fame for West Michigan Phantom Hockey. Being
that we are a recreational team, we did not want to focus on an individual’s skill or statistics, but rather focus on one’s
positive benefits to the team. This ‘Ambassador to Phantom Hockey’ section will honor and pay tribute to select
members who have went above and beyond the course of an average player and have shown commitment to the team.