#4 Andrew Erickson
#5 Matt Zehr
#7 Kevin Groothuis
#8 Brent Vandonkelaar
#9 Nate Tyler
#11 Brian Doctor
#15 Matt Meyers
#21 Brad Zehr
#23 Art Dorsey
#28 Jason Schemmel
#31 Kevin Wootton
Phantoms 5          Black Dragons 2
Phantom Goal Scoring: Jason
Schemmel, Brad Zehr, Brent
Vandonkelaar (GWG), Nate Tyler,
Andrew Erickson
Friday, February 17, 2006

Phantoms 172nd Game

8:00pm Face-off

Vs. Black Dragons
The Phantoms etched yet another accomplishment in the team's 15-season history at
Rivertown Sports on Friday, February 17, 2006, as the West Michigan Phantoms captured
Franchise victory 100.  The Brass team earned a 5-2 decision in a hard-fought game against
the defending Brass Champion Black Dragons to bring the team into the triple win club at
Rivertown.  The Phantoms join Maly's as the only other team in the history of Rivertown Sports
to reach the 100-win plateau, but the Phantoms have the distinction of accomplishing this feat
the quickest, in only 172 games.  The Phantoms would like to say thanks to Rivertown Sports
for putting up with us during the past 4 years, but most importantly to the players that have
played on this team since its start back in the Fall of 2002.
Hey Guys, We Did It! We become the only the second team in the history of
Rivertown Sports to achieve 100 victories. Yet, we hold the title of being the
quickest team to reach this goal at only 172 games.

I would like to say thanks to every player that has played on the Phantoms since the
start back in the Fall of 2002. Who could have imaged that a group of guys that
started playing drop in roller hockey at the Fun Spot in Muskegon nearly 7 years
ago could have developed a team that has been so successful against the
top-notch teams at Rivertown.

It is true accomplishment of every Phantom player to reach this goal. However, I
have to make special mention to Nate Tyler and Matt Zehr, as the only players to
have played in every season with the Phantoms. Fellow teammates Art Dorsey,
Gordie Anderson, Brad Zehr, Adam Trahan and Matt Mead are also very deserving
of a special mention as these five players have been apart of Phantom Hockey in
at least 8 of the team's 15-seasons of hockey. The hardest part of playing hockey is
being able to keep everyone together and things running smooth. Sure, during the
15 seasons of hockey, things have come up and problems have been encountered,
but for the most part the team as risen to the challenge and has overcome any odds
with flying colors.

Since the start of the Phantoms, I have had only four goals that I have developed
that I wanted this team to achieve. The first goal, was to be competitive and
consistent. That goal has been accomplished and every season the Phantoms
have been able to be competitive. During the 15 Phantom teams that have
completed seasons at Rivertown, 12 times the Phantoms have made play-off
appearances. The second goal, was to win a championship. We accomplished that
in the Summer of 2003, with a thrilling 4-0 victory against the Vipers to win the
Championship. The third and fourth goals have been created as time has moved
on. The Third goal was created during the 7th season and I was set on making the
Phantoms continue playing hockey into the 10th season. For a rec team, it is very
hard to think about playing under the same banner and with the same teammates
(for the most part) for 10 seasons or 2 1/2 years. Yet, we passed that mark with
flying colors. The fourth goal, was created in late 2004/early 2005, when the team
was around the 80 win mark. After looking through the history of Rivertown, I
noticed only one other team has ever caped the 100-victory mark. With the Komets
and Phantoms in a race for bragging rights, I thought...We will break that mark and
as we displayed on Friday against the Black Dragons, we accomplished that goal
too. In general, everything I have hoped for has been accomplished.

Since the Phantoms started play, I have learned a lot about hockey and life. I have
also learned what is the most important thing when it comes to rec. sports...its just
for fun. While I am very competitive, it is still a game and a game that is meant as a
release from the everyday world and a time to hang out with friends. Both Phantom
teams this season have been created with the idea of having fun and playing with
friends. As the Phantoms are expected to continue playing hockey at Rivertown in
the coming seasons, we will continue to feature rosters that are made up of
Friends, Original Phantoms and people that just want to have fun.

Thanks again Nate Tyler and Matt Zehr on your not ending desire to play on the
Phantoms and Thanks Again to Every Member that has played a game for this

Thanks Again Everyone---We Did It; 100 Wins